Does Herbalife do Weight Gain?

Most of my clients are after weight loss from Herbalife, and that’s great as Herbalife is incredibly effective for weight loss. However, don’t be mistaken, it works just as well for weight gain too.

If you haven’t seen my testimony, then you can look here to see how I gained over 2 stone in muscle from Herbalife.

So how does the same product work for both weight loss and weight gain? Good question; this confused me massively when I first heard about Herbalife. Here’s the answer:

For weight loss with Herbalife you use Formula 1 as a meal replacement. Have an F1 shake for breakfast instead of your usual toast or cereal, and again for your lunch in place of that greasy beefburger. Then in the evening have a healthy balanced meal.

For weight gain use Herbalife’s Formula 1 as an additional meal. Have an F1 shake for breakfast in addition to your cereal, have a good healthy lunch, around 3pm have another shake, have your healthy balanced meal around 6, then have another shake to finish your day no later than 8pm.

How does Herbalife formula 1 turn into a weight gain product. Simple, a Formula 1 shake is the equivalent to a healthy meal with just 220 calories. When you’re having three shakes per day plus your original 3 meals then you are essentially consuming 6 meals a day and eating an additional 660 calories. This increase will give you the weight gain increase you search for.

How can I put on weight without getting fat? Simple, consume healthy extra calories through Herbalife, not through takeaways. Then combine this new diet with regular exercise; in particular, weight training. This will allow the extra intake of calories and protein to build muscle not fat.

What other products can help with weight gain? Formula 3 protein powder combines perfectly with formula 1 to give more protein to your shake. Protein is essential for increased muscle. Furthermore, instead of snacking on regular chocolate bars, start eating Herbalife’s protein bars. They taste delicious, are very filling and are full of protein. A final key product is Herbalife’s Cell Activator. This ensures all your what your body consumes is used properly and effectively.

If you would like to put on weight but are still unsure how, then please contact me and I will personally discuss with you how to go about gaining weight healthily.

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  1. My age is 20 but my body weight is just 46 kgs my height is 6 feet .. I eat well sleep well and I work well but I cant able to gain weight did herbalife can gain my weight is this possible

  2. Hi there, thanks for your comment. I would say it is important for you to gradually gain weight as you are very light for your age and height. How much are you eating, how often, and what are you eating on an average day? In particular, what are you having for breakfast? I firmly believe Herbalife can help you gain weight, it certainly did for me, and many of my clients too.

  3. Am uday age of 23yrs old,height 5’9inch and weight about 55kgs and i would like to gain twenty kgs more weight,can i?

  4. Hi Uday, 20kg is a considerable increase and wouldn’t happen healthily over night. Anything you gain fast you will lose fast too. If you remained very disciplined with your Herbalife diet and a specific exercise routine then you could potentially achieve this in 1-2 years (depending on your natural build and your discipline). Have you used Herbalife before?

  5. Very informative. U have added some well need clarity to this Herbalife. I am 21yo and 92lbs. I do not gain or lose weight even when i thnk i have. I am therefore discouraged everytime i try to gain weight. Im open to try Herbalife anyway… Do i need to mix the formula with Soy milk? Can i use whole milk seeing that weight gain is d aim?

  6. Hi this is sandrine I been trying to gain weight for like two years now and nothing really happend can you help please !

  7. Hi, my height is 6’1 but my weight is only 60 kg. Does herbalife can gain weight as I am working professional & my diet chart is not consistent.

    • Hi, yes Herbalife does do weight gain – I was not much heavier than you when I started, but I quickly put on the weight. What country are you in? I have a UK and USA site providing Herbalife products. If you are out of these 2 places then you can sign up as a distributor and buy direct with a minimum 25% discount. Let me know!

  8. Where do i get fibre n herbs tablets n how to use them along with herbal life..n i have heard there is some tab which is to be consumed before start using herbal life..plz do answer for all the points..

  9. kobe bean bryant

    What is the ideal food for breakfast? Do you need to always have breakfast? What if you just took 2 formula shake for a day? will you still gain weight even if you do it? Can I mix protein powder and formula 1 in my drink? Is it okay to drink formula1 more than three times a day? Thank you for your answer. It will be appreciated.😀

    • Hi there, I’ll try answer every question for you. Yes it’s essential to have breakfast as it kick-starts your metabolism into action. An ideal breakfast is something with lots of protein, simple and complex carbs, and plenty vitamins – therefore, an Herbalife Formula 1 shake is ideal. If you are having 2 Formula 1 shakes, and 3 meals a day then you should see weight gain, depending on what you currently eat. It is better to have a combination of healthy meals and shakes, don’t just have Herbalife shakes. The protein powder is designed to go with your formula 1 yes. Are you currently using Herbalife? There are some special deals on my website at the moment, which may be worth looking at to save some money:

  10. kobe bean bryant

    What if I drink 2 Formula 1 shakes a day, but 2 meals a day? Will i still gain weight?

  11. Hi, am 24years and ma weight is 57kg but i want to gain more wight because am slim. And am now taking formular 1 shake and protein powder, so can i gain weight? How many times should i take it? Can i gain weight within a 1 month? Please answer me.

    • Hi, yes you can gain weight in a month. To gain muscle you need to combine your good nutrition with exercise – weight training. Take the Formula 1 three times a day, and always straight after exercise.

  12. Hi, am 24years and ma weight is 57kg but i want to gain more wight because am slim. And am now taking formular 1 shake and protein powder, so can i gain weight? How many times should i take it? Can i gain weight within a 1 month? Please answer me…..

  13. Hello, I am 25 and weigh 95lb. I would like to gain weight, but afraid of excersizing because I lose weight so easily. I am skinny, but have belly fat, skinny legs and no muscle. I want to gain curves and muscle. I am not sure what to eat to gain weight and what exercise to do to gain muscle.

  14. Yes it works. I gained weight 4kg in 2 months.. And still working on it.. I love herbalife

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